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So being inspired by the blog suggestion via The Daily Post a few days ago, I wanted to create a virtual time capsule for the year 2012. Also, I just desperately needed something to write about. Here is the challenge they posted:

Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

by michelle w. on December 10, 2012

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

First, it must be asked what the motives are. Am I planting keepsake items for myself in 30 years, or am I wanting an Amélie- esque good-doer to find these hidden treasures and be inspired enough to return to me? I suppose in the end I am assuming I have the privilege of re-collecting. So my motivation will be a mixture of both.

Because I am somewhat of a systematic person (e.g. lists & planning is my cup of tea), I need to have categories for the objects I plan to immerse into the virtual ground. I have determined these 2012 relatable items shall be: 1. personal 2. trendy 3. political 4. momentous 5. a piece of advice

1. A picture of Mike holding Polly and Wallace (personal item) – Over the past 5+ years, I have not spent more time with anyone more than Mike. Not my parents, not my awareness, no one. He and the pups are my most treasured items by far so it would be a lie if they weren’t included in the capsule.

2. The Grapes of Wrath (personal item)- I read Grapes of Wrath this year with full attention. I believe we covered this novel sometime in school, but my conscience back then was noised with teenage narcissistic thoughts. Grapes of Wrath moved me, like changed me-moved me. It is an American classic in that it teaches history in an methodically, overwhelmingly emotional way. Just read it.


3. Iphone 5 (trendy)- Technology is more than “trendy.” It is the way of life. When I acquired this mini portable computer which is still labeled as “phone”, it blew my mind. Owning an object like this makes you wonder how you got along without it all this time. It makes you question the sanity of others who don’t own a smart device. I am heavily reliant upon it and have become somewhat useless in ways. All I can say is thank goodness this is a virtual capsule and not a real one.

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Today I had the honor of listening to Bob Woodward speak. He currently serves as the associate editor at The Washington Post and has been with them since the early 70’s. Aside from his journalist duties at The Washington Post, he is also a famous non-fiction, political author of such works like All the President’s MenThe Final Days, and Bush at War. Woodward has been called “the best reporter of our time” and has won numerous awards for his achievements.

image via Google

That being said, one of his bestsellers was even adapted to film: All the President’s Men starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Woodward is portrayed by Redford (not too shabby of a casting) as he and Carl Bernstein (played by Hoffman) are assigned with the 1972 burglary at Watergate. They meet Deep Throat and as a series of events unfolded, Nixon eventually resigns.

What does all of this have to do with the comedian Louis C.K. you might ask? Well, his current tour has material touching on Nixon. It goes something like this (by memory):

Louis C.K.: I hate when people complain about the President. He’s (Obama) really disappointed me and like… (Louie interrupting his made up person’s rant) I SAW, IN MY LIFETIME, OUR PRESIDENT WEEP LIKE AN INSANE PERSON ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AND THEN FLY AWAY IN A HELICOPTER.

Woodward said that the ending is always the hardest part to write, and I often find that true, even in these petty little blogs. In Woodward’s recollection of a previous conversation held with Hillary Clinton in regards to George W. Bush being a fatalist, she states that a President cannot do something and just walk away. This is similar to that of being a writer. I think that good writers dwell, revisit history and continuously question themselves.  I hope to accomplish this some day when given the luxury of time.

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