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My yoga session yesterday was about priorities and understanding how well you know them while being told to bend and balance on one leg of course. I’m kind of a granola when it comes to yoga.

So just to tell you a little bit about my practice, I started taking yoga seriously and partaking consistently (two to three times a week) since February 2012. Prior to 2012, I only went to yoga at my convenience or if a friend asked me to go even though I had always loved Vinyasa flow and Bikram.  February of last year was also when I first started my current job which was stressful and nerve-wracking at first. I needed something so desperately to balance the stresses of learning a new job and adapting to a new environment. Yoga practically landed on my lap, and now I am so reliant on it, it’s funny, like granola-funny (it’s okay to laugh).


yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

So back to this priorities thing. One of my goals is to make time for things I am interested in e.g. crafts, books, ukulele, learning French, etc. In order to make time for these hobbies, one must assess how time is currently being spent. This is where it gets ugly and math-y. There are 168 hours in a week. I am supposed to sleeping 56 of those hours. I spend about 66 hours per week at work, including lunch break hours. That totals 122 hours, leaving only 46 hours left. Depressing right? Of those 46, I’m cooking/ eating food for 10 of those non-work hours and probably watching TV/ movies for another 10. OH GOSH, that leaves a mere 26 hours! Now it gets really tough. When my yoga teacher was talking about simplifying our lives and prioritizing things that are important to us, I immediately started brooding over social media. Social media is hard to talk about. No one is proud of spending hours on Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram, or whatever. This is why I decided to analyze if I NEED all of these accounts. I believe that as long as you can justify it and differentiate it, it’s fine. Here is the process I followed:

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I’m commenting to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award, because I absolutely love your blog and think lots of other people should enjoy it as much as I do!

I received this sweet comment just today from my cute friend Monica! Of course, accepting such an honorable award is not that easy. There are rules for being tagged nominated. 🙂 And being the stickler that I am, I should most definitely oblige the rules. Here they are:


1) Thank and link back to their blog Monica you are the bomb dot com. Also (fellow bloggers), if you’re having psychological problems, I would count on this lady to give you a fair, un-certified (but not for long) assessment.  Monica’s adorable blog

2) Share five things about yourself

  • I love animals but dogs & whales in particular.
  • Ice skating is my enemy. Make that winter sports in general.
  • I want to be a full-time crafter.
  • I am still a sucker for SNL.
  • I am learning to speak French.
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