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If you know the joys of owning a pet, you will most definitely relate to this blog entry and DIY project for two reasons: 1. you know that animals are better people than humans and 2. being super pet-parent cheesy is the greatest.

Here is a recent photo of my two sweet little terriers, Polly & Wallace.

LouiseInPerson- Polly & Wallace

LouiseInPerson- Polly & Wallace 2013

Though they are similar in appearance, their personalities are wildly different. Polly, the West Highland Terrier (left), is polite, independent, proper, and mostly mild-mannered with the exception of chasing small to medium sized rodents. Wallace, the Cairn Terrier (right), is a total lovebug. If you sit down in our apartment, he is on your lap in lickety split. Wallace is sensitive to his surroundings and easily distracted. Here is another photo of Wallace from a previous post. To sum them up, Polly is consistently calm & cool and Wallace is a spaz. We have grown to love both of them equally for different reasons and just like in all relationships, there is adapting and compromising involved. 

This DIY (adapted from here) is to capture your furry friends and display them for all to see! For this project, you will need:

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 1-1

Doggy DIY Materials:

-2 5×7 frames (mine are from Ikea $1.99 a pop)

-2 sheets of 4×6 cardstock

-black craft paint


-decent ink pen

-doggy paws ( not pictured)

-napkins for clean-up (not pictured)

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 3-1

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 5-1

Step 1: Apply the paint to your brush and cover your pup’s paw with it. Lighter strokes turn out better for the print.

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 4-1Step 2: Firmly press the painted paw onto the cardstock, making sure not to wiggle too much.

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 6-1I tried a couple of times with each pup to capture the best takes!

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 7-1Step 3: Write something about your pet. It could be a quote, their favorite treat, whatever! I wrote my pet’s name and age under the paw print. Let dry for an hour or so.

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY 9-1Almost done!

LouiseInPerson- Doggy DIY

Step 4: Place in frame!

There you have it! Simple pieces that actually mean something to you! I’m so excited to hang mine up. I’d love to know if you have other awesome pet project ideas!


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Meet Teddy the Turtle. I felted him about a week ago and thought he turned out rather nicely. He is a plump little guy, and if he were alive, I’d imagine him being a grumpy yet loyal friend.

LouiseInPerson- Turtle

LouiseInPerson- Turtle

LouiseInPerson- Turtle

LouiseInPerson- Turtle

LouiseInPerson- Turtle

LouiseInPerson- Turtle

What other felts would you like to see me attempt?


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I have been continuing my felting journey! Did I just say felting journey? Sorry, that’s so lame. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve picked up a craft and stuck with it for a little while. I haven’t really found a niche until now. I am a seasonal knitter, a poor seamstress, and a paper girl only when birthdays roll around. Though I’m not GREAT at it, felting has provided me “me time” with an end product! I have been posting my little projects on Instagram and thought I should share them here as well. A fellow felting friend and I are considering opening up an online shop in the near future. Her gnomes are beyond fantastic! As always, I will keep you updated! Here are some felts I’ve completed since the last felting post:

LouiseInPerson- You Ain't Lion

LouiseInPerson- You Ain’t Lion

LouiseInPerson- Yeti

LouiseInPerson- Yeti

LouiseInPerson- Whale

LouiseInPerson- Whale

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