Year in Review

Top 5 2013 Resolutions:

1. read more: at least 6 classics, a few for fun (some ideas: Confederacy of Dunces, The Sun Also Rises, The Idiot, Great Expectations)

2. exercise more: yoga twice a week, cardio once a week

3. create more: felt & craft all year long

4. save more: a frigid 20%

5. give more: donate whenever possible; give to United Way every pay check; become a Big

Top 5+ Films:

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1. Moonrise Kingdom- Wes Anderson: Moonrise Kingdom is a story of adolescence, mischief and innocent love. It inexplicably shouts classic Wes Anderson with a bountiful amount of beautiful symmetrical shots and sarcastic, dry dialogue. Set in a small New England town, Suzy runs away from her dull, calculated home life and Sam, the orphan, escapes Camp Ivanhoe where the other scout boys pick on him. They meet and set out to create their own adventures while a team of unresolved adults including a hopeless father, Bill Murray, and Sam’s scout master, Edward Norton, search for the missing children. The soundtrack is complementary and creates waves of emotion as you view the kids runaway journey and unofficial “marriage.” I Loved Every Bit of It.

2. Django Unchained- Quentin Tarantino: Tarantino takes you on another ride, and spits you out when he’s through with you. How do you describe this movie? Well, it involves a bounty hunter, a German-speaking slave, Southern plantation owners, gruesome gun fights, terribly spoken Australian men (one portrayed by the director himself), and a mean old, nasty mastermind slave. Tarantino has productively, in recent films, taken a chunk of history and polished it shiny and new adding uncomfortable humor and twists like no other.

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3. Silver Linings Playbook- David O. Russell: Potential cheesy romantic comedy turned tender, non-conforming, genuine story. This is a true modern day romantic film. Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, has bipolar disorder and is unrealistic about his failing marriage after being released from a mental health clinic meets Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who is a recent widow with a sleeve of her own mental issues. The two work through personal problems including depression, sex addiction, and denial to unveil a new meaning to life. Even if you wanted to dislike this film, it’s impossible to disconnect from these characters. You will root for them with each anger rage and panic attack, because deep down, we all feel the same anxiety.

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So being inspired by the blog suggestion via The Daily Post a few days ago, I wanted to create a virtual time capsule for the year 2012. Also, I just desperately needed something to write about. Here is the challenge they posted:

Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

by michelle w. on December 10, 2012

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

First, it must be asked what the motives are. Am I planting keepsake items for myself in 30 years, or am I wanting an Amélie- esque good-doer to find these hidden treasures and be inspired enough to return to me? I suppose in the end I am assuming I have the privilege of re-collecting. So my motivation will be a mixture of both.

Because I am somewhat of a systematic person (e.g. lists & planning is my cup of tea), I need to have categories for the objects I plan to immerse into the virtual ground. I have determined these 2012 relatable items shall be: 1. personal 2. trendy 3. political 4. momentous 5. a piece of advice

1. A picture of Mike holding Polly and Wallace (personal item) – Over the past 5+ years, I have not spent more time with anyone more than Mike. Not my parents, not my awareness, no one. He and the pups are my most treasured items by far so it would be a lie if they weren’t included in the capsule.

2. The Grapes of Wrath (personal item)- I read Grapes of Wrath this year with full attention. I believe we covered this novel sometime in school, but my conscience back then was noised with teenage narcissistic thoughts. Grapes of Wrath moved me, like changed me-moved me. It is an American classic in that it teaches history in an methodically, overwhelmingly emotional way. Just read it.


3. Iphone 5 (trendy)- Technology is more than “trendy.” It is the way of life. When I acquired this mini portable computer which is still labeled as “phone”, it blew my mind. Owning an object like this makes you wonder how you got along without it all this time. It makes you question the sanity of others who don’t own a smart device. I am heavily reliant upon it and have become somewhat useless in ways. All I can say is thank goodness this is a virtual capsule and not a real one.

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August 1st marks the one year anniversary of living in Portland, ME. I considered taking a photo a day for 365 days or jotting a random thought down each day to jumble into a mason jar via Pinterest, but the truth is, I’m just not motivated enough. I can’t even get myself to blog once a week or brush my hair in the morning. So I figured capturing what’s happened so far in a blog post would be a good way to toast to a life of thicker skin and (potentially) thicker accents. I should start by commenting the obvious quirks of Maine, followed by the adaptation process and lastly, a glimpse into the coming years. In addition, it should be noted that my description of Maine will be skewed in that it comes from the perspective of a (mostly optimistic) Missourian gal that just moved to Portland, the largest & coolest city in Maine. This is important to note because from what I’ve gathered about other regions of Maine, it sounds more like living in Missouri (which is not a bad thing by any means).

The Scene:

Maine is not only a different state, it looks a different place. It is filled with trees, mountains, moving lakes and rivers, residents with the letter “r” confusion, Bean boots, fat squirrels, long winters and extremely brief, beautiful summers.  Living on a cute peninsula dangling out in the Atlantic is simple. During the summer, the state of Maine will not allow you to be indoors. You will be arrested or at least ridiculed by your mates. The mountain trails glisten and call you by your nickname as if they’ve known you personally for years. The ocean air lingers in your living room taunting you like a well-versed Zumba instructor (read the news). The perfectly warm temperature cuddles you with Snuggie like arms and invites you to take a dip in one of the many natural lakes. During the winter, however, is a different story. The crispy winter is pretty but misleading in a way that infomercials do to its viewers. The Chipper Chopper looks great at first sight, but by the 6th installment of easy pay, the Chipper Chopper has become 2 parts dog toy and 1 part prison shank. What I mean is, May should be warm like Spring and it’s not. Fall is gorgeous and so on.

Its people are tough, almost intimidating tough. For the most part, its occupants are not too chatty with strangers. If you cut them off while driving, be prepared to receive an ear-load of something-something so-and-so about your family and the places where they plan to stick their foot. A couple of rules you should learn to embrace regarding pronunciation: 1. words containing an “r”, throw them out 2. words ending in vowels, throw on an “r” 3. tennis shoes are literally shoes for playing tennis, the sport 4. if you’re not from Maine, you are considered “from away” 5. Dunkin Donuts are always used as a reference point when given directional advice which provides no real tool, because there is literally one on every corner 6. Vanilla Ice will literally be pronounced Vannilerrr Ice.  That being said, stereotyping people is not generally encouraged, and so I will keep it brief with a quick take-away via Wikipedia: the Portland city motto is Resurgam, Latin for “I will rise again”, which refers to its recoveries from four devastating fires. Pretty neat, right?

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