London: Let Me Count the Ways

Here are my notes typed up from my London travel 4.15- 4.25 along with a few shots taken.

DAY 1: 6:30am, The Impossible, sweaty customs, Boston Marathon tragedy in the airport, prosciutto, Hyde Park, swans, dead duck, Big Ben, London Eye ride, Bangers & Mash, bobbies, Oyster Card, Queen spotting

Louise In Person- London Eye ride

Louise In Person- London swans

DAY 2: Howell, “English Way”, Chelsea at Craven Cottage, Margaret Thatcher funeral, Frankie Lampard, Canadian and Scottish girls, £30 cab ride home with potential creeper

Louise In Person- Chelsea pic

DAY 3: West, Texas explosion, mango juice, chocolate bacon from Liberty, Carnaby Street, Central Line, Scottish teas

DAY 4: Boston manhunt, Fish N Chips, Singapore Noodles, trash day, Westfield Mall, street guitar

DAY 5: look left, left right, Parliament Houses tour, pretty parks, tea and crumpets, changing of the guards, Wicked, caramel sea salt fudge, Big Ben burger, getting lost in Harrod’s

Louise In Person- Bobby at Buckingham Palace

Louise In Person- Grovesnor Park

DAY 6: Hampton Court Palace, warm weather, theatrics, London Marathon, street bag pipes, black pudding, Scottish shortbread, Suarez bite, The Orange Tree, rose gardens, royal tennis

Louise In Person- Great Hall at Hampton Court

DAY 7: walkthroughs, Pho at the mall, Man United wins EPL, cloudy day, Crunchie bars from Waitrose

DAY 8: not new New Girl, rhubarb bread, British panel shows, Maribella’s deli, spinach risotto

DAY 9: caramelized sweet potato squares, Corona, Lonsdale gear from Sports Direct, small cars

Louise In Person- London car

DAY 10: wrap-up work, old eggs, tourist shops, Man United snob, “Americano!”, debate with an Arsenal fan, cheesy magnets, shirts with bows

DAY 11: Amsterdam stop, more chocolates, Netherlands/ Holland Wikipedia search, Life of Pi, Shameless: Louis CK, mimosas, discussion about S. Africa

Louise In Person- chocolate display at Liberty's

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  1. So jealous but am so glad you got this opportunity! Pictures are amazing. I can only imagine the trip itself.

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