Weekend Warriors: Rangeley, Maine

This past weekend, we made a getaway vacation out of Rangeley, Maine and stayed at a quaint Bed & Breakfast after cross-country skiing on Saddleback Mountain. Get all of that? There were many firsts to be had there.

LouiseInPerson- Saddleback Mountain, ME

Our first B&B experience was really nice. At first, it feels strangely familiar, like visiting an aunt’s house and using her sheets and bath towels. I wanted to hug the owners and ask for permission to borrow a car or warn them we were staying out past 9. The room was cozy and decked out with quilted blankets, soft worn towels, floral wallpaper and framed Parisian styled quotes with cliche sayings like “no place like home” or “a clean bath is a good bath.” It worked. We felt comfy and satisfied with home cooked foods, honey tea and warm sheets. Kudos to the North Country B&B!

LouiseInPerson- B&B

LouiseInPerson- B&B

LouiseInPerson- B&BAnd oh yeah, the ski part. I’ve only gone downhill skiing ONCE so outdoor winter sports still terrify me greatly. I will say that cross-country skiing was definitely more my pace. We took note of one of the easier trail paths and glided through 5k’s worth of snow terrain. On Saddleback Mountain, the air is crisp and the sights beautiful. Also, I didn’t even fall once. Now that’s a shock.

LouiseInPerson- Rangeley Skiing

The trip was approximately a 3 hour drive there, and on the way back, we took a different, longer route in hopes of catching a glimpse of moose. Alas, we were unsuccessful THIS TIME. The good news is, I still managed to get some great scenic shots in.

LouiseInPerson- Rangeley, Maine

LouiseInPerson- Rangeley, Maine

LouiseInPerson- North Anston, Maine

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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