My Music History: Rilo Kiley

If you know me, you know that I love Rilo Kiley & most everything Jenny Lewis has touched. She has been a fave of mine since 2004 when I entered college at the University of Louisiana in Monroe (ULM). I was 18, unbecoming, confident, stubborn and a lackluster student at best. Back then I owned more mini skirts than a Midwestern bird dog’s got ticks. I was a wanna-be feminist, an escapist from reality. I was listening to Take Offs and Landings and The Execution of All Things, Rilo Kiley’s more rebellious years.

In my dreams, i see you at the foot of some mountains
And we’re taking some pictures or something
And we’d better hurry up
It’s late and the sun keeps shooting through pine trees
And the grass stains are wet on your new jeans
And we’d better hurry up


I was hooked and able to mature some with their 2004 album More Adventurous. I had wanted to move back to Missouri and decided to transfer to Missouri State University. I finally decided on a major and felt free-er than ever before. I wanted to build friendships and keep things that were meaningful. I wanted to observe. I wanted to learn.

“you can sleep upon my doorstep, you can promise me indifference, jim.
But my mind is made up, and i’ll never let you in again.”

A few years later Under the Blacklight was released. I was nearly finished with my degree and was looking to start a career. Rilo Kiley not only “stuck” with me throughout my confusing years, they introduced me to other good music in phases. Now they are releasing their new album in April called RKives, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The clover under your feet is shooting stars in the night.
The people under your feet are shooting stars in the night.
The people, all that you meet, they’re living in a dream world

This is, in sort, just a love letter to Jenny.

Hope you check them out if you haven’t already…
RiloKiley- GEN2

Also, listen to this:

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