Movie Reviews: Warm Bodies

Film: Warm Bodies Director: Jonathan Levine Viewed: 2.19.13

This was my first 2013 release I’ve watched this year. Convinced by a friend and a decent Rotten Tomatoes rating, I decided to let myself partake in the zombie-sensation that has seemed to sweep the nation. I have nothing against zombies personally; I just never made that monster-connection with them. Maybe it’s that R.L. Stine didn’t write enough Goosebump books on zombies.

image via Google

image via Google

At First Glance: One thing that was a bit annoying off the bat was that Julie, the leading lady and love interest, looks a lot like the blonde version Kristen Stewart. R, the leading vampire zombie, is also similar to that of a Twilight character in that he is dead but has feelings. This would suggest that I have actually seen a Twilight movie, and you would be correct. I believe it was the first one. Anyways, it was obvious to me that the movie was intentionally trying to draw in the Twilight-goers as well as the zombie enthusiasts.

The Stuffing: (Spoiler Alert!)The setting is an after-apocalypse landscape which has been done many times before but doesn’t seem to get old. It is alluded that there was once a booming city, but now there is a giant wall dividing the humans and the living “corpses.” The corpses are made up of two segments: Zombies & Boneys. They both survive on eating humans, but the Boneys do so without conviction or remorse. R, the young adult zombie, falls in love with Julie, a zombie killer. R saves Julie’s life and attempts to show her he likes her. When the feeling is reciprocated back, R along with the rest of the zombies’ hearts starts to beat as they start to feel alive. The humans and Zombies team up and destroy the Boneys, and inevitably, the divider wall is imploded.

The Goods, Bads & the Overall: Though not particularly clever, the movie still has some substance to it that I enjoyed: 1. It is a love story  that’s not over-the-top cheesy 2. The acting was pretty solid and 3. There were some really good one-liners. I guess my biggest problem with Warm Bodies is that the concept and story of the movie is so potentially great, that the movie was a bit underwhelming and out-shined. Also, I get why the Boneys are computer-animated, but they seemed a bit out of place and cheapening. Overall, I give the movie a 7 out of 10.

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  1. Yes, I agree. We do have reasonably similar opinions on Warm Bodies!

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