Movie Reviews: And the Oscar goes to..

I have, since the last movies post, been able to watch three more films that have been nominated in some fashion at the Oscars. These three were Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty and The Hobbit. I must say that I enjoyed all three films but in different ways and for different reasons. In addition, there were also noticeable flaws which felt formulaic and sometimes dull.

les mis
les mis

Les Miserables: Tom Hooper- Les Miserables is more than a movie for me. It was more like an experience. Ever since I watched this film, it has been pedaling in my brain more and more frequently, like riding a bike uphill, slowly gaining momentum, ready for the fall (in love). This classic story brings in several themes swimming with love, human rights, inner conflict, tragedy and ethics. For a film to to cover all of these basis and actually make you feel something beyond a roller coaster of emotions is impressive to say the least. Though the film is somewhat over the top as most Blockbusters tend to do, I floated along happily in all its sensationalism. In other words, it worked. The live singing was also incredible. Who doesn’t love everything Tom Hooper does anyway?

zero dark thirty
zero dark thirty

Zero Dark Thirty: Kathryn Bigelow- Okay, I should get this out there. I didn’t love it. I left the theater with the similar feeling after watching Hurt Locker: intensity, shaken, impacted and yet, a feeling of dissatisfaction for the character development. It just feels like there is a lack of build up for motivation. What’s their history? Why is Jessica Chastain so devoted? Why is Jeremy Renner so dedicated? You can make these assumptions from watching the film, but isn’t this the Director’s job? Bigelow has done a swell job of storytelling but still lacks some serious substance for me. Also, I don’t enjoy the loud bangs she tends to use to plop you out of your seat. They feel a bit haunted house-y.

the hobbit
the hobbit

The Hobbit: Peter Jackson- The Hobbit was fun. For me, it would not be a serious contender for movie of the year. However, I do believe the critics were overly harsh. If it felt “slow”, then you must have not enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy because it was quite similar in method. Bad guys attack and good guys win, often by the slim. Bad guys fall off a mountain or a bridge and good guys are continuously surprised by another attack. Personally, I was very attached through the entire film and was excited to hear Bilbo’s past. All in all, a good watch.

Well, Februrary 24th is the date of the Academy Awards, and like every year, I will be watching and noting more films I have yet to watch. What were your favorites?


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