DIY: Recipes Book

I thought I would share a fun and easy recipes book I made a few weeks ago. It’s my first tutorial, and I don’t exactly have a high end camera. But here’s a shot! I hope it makes sense and you like!

LIP recipes book 1

Grab these materials. Paper colors and letter choices are flexible.

LIP recipes book 2

Your cover sheet should be a thicker weight and be double-sided. Cut the cover 7 inches width wise.

LIP recipes book 3

Fold your sheet as shown below leaving 1-2 inches uneven. Do this for the opposite side as well. Your cover should look like a rectangular U after folding is complete.

LIP recipes book 4

LIP recipes book 5

Next cut the pages of your recipes book at 5 inches width. My sheets were 10 inches length. I used a total of 9 sheets.

LIP recipes book 6

LIP recipes book 7

Next, punch holes! I line my hole puncher against the edges of where the folds are to ensure they were even. Then I took a pencil and punched holes into the cover.

LIP recipes book 8

LIP recipes book 9

LIP recipes book 10

Now thread string and tie in place.

LIP recipes book 11

LIP recipes book 12

Decorate with stickers!

LIP recipes book 13

Lastly, add recipes to your new recipe book!

LIP recipes book 14

(The instructions for this particular meal are folded up and kept in the pocket because I felt they were too long to write out.)

LIP recipes book 15

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I love this!! And I think you explained it very very well 🙂 ❤

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