Liebster Blog Award


I’m commenting to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award, because I absolutely love your blog and think lots of other people should enjoy it as much as I do!

I received this sweet comment just today from my cute friend Monica! Of course, accepting such an honorable award is not that easy. There are rules for being tagged nominated. 🙂 And being the stickler that I am, I should most definitely oblige the rules. Here they are:


1) Thank and link back to their blog Monica you are the bomb dot com. Also (fellow bloggers), if you’re having psychological problems, I would count on this lady to give you a fair, un-certified (but not for long) assessment.  Monica’s adorable blog

2) Share five things about yourself

  • I love animals but dogs & whales in particular.
  • Ice skating is my enemy. Make that winter sports in general.
  • I want to be a full-time crafter.
  • I am still a sucker for SNL.
  • I am learning to speak French.

3) Answer the five questions presented with your nomination

  • How did you get started with your blog? I’ve been blogging for some time now. There are two primary reasons why I think blogging is good (for me). One, I enjoy reading blogs, hence why not create one myself? I’ve got ideas, right? Two, I don’t want to lose (all) my creative capabilities. Writing is not the same in a workplace environment unless you get paid to write opinion columns. I’ve learned that if you don’t force yourself to write often, you lose the capability to write well, and language transforms into extended passages of text message abbreviations, run-ons and lost acronyms.
  • Who (or what) influences and/or inspires your writing? Since my blog is not of serious matter, I don’t want to reference someone like George Orwell or John Steinbeck. It just wouldn’t be right to associate Grapes of Wrath to “My Favorite Recipes.” I am influenced by mainly other bloggers in the world. 
  • Where would you most like to travel? England & Taiwan. England because of word of mouth & historical sites. Taiwan because of personal significance. 
  • What are some things on your bucket list? Publish a book and perform on stage. These are not specific intentionally.
  • What is the kindest act you have ever witnessed (or partaken in?) Portland’s got a lot of pan-handlers (some legit). I witnessed a man and woman pulled over on the side of the road handing out holiday care packages to the homeless in December. I can’t lie, it made me melt just a little. 

4) Ask five new questions to your nominated bloggers

  • What was the last unselfish thing you did for someone not related to you?
  • If you were a celebrity, what product would you do a commercial for?
  • If your house was burning down, what 5 non-living things would you grab?
  • What is your ultimate dream job?
  • Ryan Gosling or Tom Hardy? (psssstt.. the correct answer is Ryan Gosling)

5) Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

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