The Appeal of Crossfit and the Case of an Uneventful Adulthood (AUA)

“Crossfit” is the new rage of athletics. If you Google the name, you are sure to find well-greased women with large shoulders and faces saturated with discomfort. When did a workout regimen become so extreme for the bourgeois? I remember when P90x was released. Tony Horton, the goofy middle-aged man, sold to the nation a highly marketable die-hard workout program re-introducing terms like “muscle confusion” and the like. No TV watcher could have missed the ongoing advocacy and personal testimonies of faithful P90x endorsers. Before and after photos flooded the screens shouting “I can wear two piece bikinis now” while the sense of envy/jealousy was cued onto the living room stage.

Though I strongly believe in a healthy, nutritional life, I just want to bring to light the dramatic-ism of our culture. It seems that everyone is constantly trying the new and improved thing that will shape you in an x amount of days (guaranteed or your money back + shipping and handling; keep the free juicer on us, call now, etc.). In addition to the intensification of mass marketing/media, the users are rowing along in that same boat. How exhausting is it hear a proponent of some workout program rave to you 24/7 about every detail and repetition of their complete “muscle awareness”? My answer is: Terribly.

So, I have come to the conclusion that, in these cases of meeting “extreme” personalities, these self-worthy people are either booming with passion or they have caught the case of An Uneventful Adulthood (AUA). I have shown some of the symptoms of AUA myself. For example, when one cannot determine, by his or her own accord, the best method of organizing their own undergarments, whether by color or shape, and looks to Pinterest for a remedy, AUA may be upon you.



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