2012 Recap w/ Movie Reviews

Top 5 2013 Resolutions:

1. read more: at least 6 classics, a few for fun (some ideas: Confederacy of Dunces, The Sun Also Rises, The Idiot, Great Expectations)

2. exercise more: yoga twice a week, cardio once a week

3. create more: felt & craft all year long

4. save more: a frigid 20%

5. give more: donate whenever possible; give to United Way every pay check; become a Big

Top 5+ Films:

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1. Moonrise Kingdom- Wes Anderson: Moonrise Kingdom is a story of adolescence, mischief and innocent love. It inexplicably shouts classic Wes Anderson with a bountiful amount of beautiful symmetrical shots and sarcastic, dry dialogue. Set in a small New England town, Suzy runs away from her dull, calculated home life and Sam, the orphan, escapes Camp Ivanhoe where the other scout boys pick on him. They meet and set out to create their own adventures while a team of unresolved adults including a hopeless father, Bill Murray, and Sam’s scout master, Edward Norton, search for the missing children. The soundtrack is complementary and creates waves of emotion as you view the kids runaway journey and unofficial “marriage.” I Loved Every Bit of It.

2. Django Unchained- Quentin Tarantino: Tarantino takes you on another ride, and spits you out when he’s through with you. How do you describe this movie? Well, it involves a bounty hunter, a German-speaking slave, Southern plantation owners, gruesome gun fights, terribly spoken Australian men (one portrayed by the director himself), and a mean old, nasty mastermind slave. Tarantino has productively, in recent films, taken a chunk of history and polished it shiny and new adding uncomfortable humor and twists like no other.

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3. Silver Linings Playbook- David O. Russell: Potential cheesy romantic comedy turned tender, non-conforming, genuine story. This is a true modern day romantic film. Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, has bipolar disorder and is unrealistic about his failing marriage after being released from a mental health clinic meets Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who is a recent widow with a sleeve of her own mental issues. The two work through personal problems including depression, sex addiction, and denial to unveil a new meaning to life. Even if you wanted to dislike this film, it’s impossible to disconnect from these characters. You will root for them with each anger rage and panic attack, because deep down, we all feel the same anxiety.


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4. The Master- P.T. Anderson: Haunting and dark. I don’t know much about acting, but I’d imagine that this film would be a good example to study while participating in a drama course. This movie completes a character study on an utterly, socially inept war vet named Freddie, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Meanwhile, he is intrigued by a highly influential man, Lancaster Dodd, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, during Dodd’s philosophical cult-like movement. The film explores the purely psychological road of Freddie and his poor decision-making. The acting is superb and if I could have it in a sandwich, I would.


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5. Argo- Ben Affleck: What a thriller. I wish I could dream up such a story. The great thing is none of us have to; it’s just history. Affleck does a great re-telling and an excellent job of pulling at your heart strings. For every flinch, quiver, sigh of relief, and chuckle, Affleck gets to grin at your predictability. But it’s worth it, so who cares? Everyone loves a hostage story that ends well. But a hostage story is made even better when you throw in a pretend producer set out to make a sci-fi film in Iran only to save some hopeless embassy staff.

6. Cabin in the Woods- Joss Whedon: How to go to a movie and laugh at people who are watching the same movie as you but went to the same movie as you for a completely different reason. This was Cabin in the Woods for me. I absolutely did not want to see this film after seeing the previews and trailers. I said to myself, “This fits the prescription of a modern horror film and will only worsen my fear of random, spooky things heard only by my sensitive night-ear.” However, it was quite the opposite. Joss Whedon plays a huge trick on the viewer. He pokes fun at every formulaic recent scary movie and nails the hammer on the head.

honorable mentions: Dark Knight Rises, Wreck-It Ralph, Skyfall, Lincoln, Safety Not Guaranteed

missed movies: The Hobbit, Beasts of Southern Wild, The Sessions, Les Mis, Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi

update: Saw Les Mis and The Hobbit and both were incredible. I don’t believe it changes the order of my top list, but I am thrilled to have watched them finally.

Top 5 Events:


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1. laughing & crying at the funniest man alive- Louis C.K. at Merrill Auditorium in Portland, ME

2. finding my 2nd big girl job- WEX

Times Square on a rainy night in New York City

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3. going to New York City & cheering on Chelsea FC at the Yankee Stadium (they played Paris St Germain)


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4. whale watching in the Atlantic- We got to see several Finback Whales! (the 2nd largest animal in the world, after Blue Whales)

5. seeing Dr. Dog at the State Theater in Portland, ME


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