2012 Time Capsule

So being inspired by the blog suggestion via The Daily Post a few days ago, I wanted to create a virtual time capsule for the year 2012. Also, I just desperately needed something to write about. Here is the challenge they posted:

Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

by michelle w. on December 10, 2012

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

First, it must be asked what the motives are. Am I planting keepsake items for myself in 30 years, or am I wanting an Amélie- esque good-doer to find these hidden treasures and be inspired enough to return to me? I suppose in the end I am assuming I have the privilege of re-collecting. So my motivation will be a mixture of both.

Because I am somewhat of a systematic person (e.g. lists & planning is my cup of tea), I need to have categories for the objects I plan to immerse into the virtual ground. I have determined these 2012 relatable items shall be: 1. personal 2. trendy 3. political 4. momentous 5. a piece of advice

1. A picture of Mike holding Polly and Wallace (personal item) – Over the past 5+ years, I have not spent more time with anyone more than Mike. Not my parents, not my awareness, no one. He and the pups are my most treasured items by far so it would be a lie if they weren’t included in the capsule.

2. The Grapes of Wrath (personal item)- I read Grapes of Wrath this year with full attention. I believe we covered this novel sometime in school, but my conscience back then was noised with teenage narcissistic thoughts. Grapes of Wrath moved me, like changed me-moved me. It is an American classic in that it teaches history in an methodically, overwhelmingly emotional way. Just read it.


3. Iphone 5 (trendy)- Technology is more than “trendy.” It is the way of life. When I acquired this mini portable computer which is still labeled as “phone”, it blew my mind. Owning an object like this makes you wonder how you got along without it all this time. It makes you question the sanity of others who don’t own a smart device. I am heavily reliant upon it and have become somewhat useless in ways. All I can say is thank goodness this is a virtual capsule and not a real one.

4. A video of a presidential debate (political)- You can’t ignore an election year whether or not you are happy with the results. This election costed billions of dollars through various means and was/is a huge deal. I believe it will be highly interesting to look back on the platforms each candidate ran on and determine if either of their ideals are relevant years from now.  Let’s hope so.


5. Riots footage (political)- 2012 media was full of riots coverage occurring in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc. Riots both violent and non-violent relating to civil rights, religious beliefs and political affirmations drenched our televisions and our hearts with fear and gratefulness to be living in America. At least, this stood true with me. This is cheesy and cliche, but I am glad to be a citizen of the States with freedoms and rights I get to take advantage of.

6. A Mayan Calendar (momentous)- The end of the world is near! There is no better way to prove the cause to our demise than the evidence of a physical Mayan Calendar (or at least a decent replica of one). Would this be an appropriate time to ask for permission to go ahead and dig up the 1999 Y2K time capsule?


7. I do the same thing over and over, improving bit by bit. There is always a yearning to achieve more. I’ll continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is. -Jiro Ono (a piece of advice)- After watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I was inspired and amazed by the dedication of Jiro, now 85. He has worked to improve his trade of perfecting sushi, but the lesson here is greater than cooking with a purpose. The main take-away is to master your craft and promise to carry on that whatever you do, do it well.

Well, that’s it. I hope I had decent coverage of 2012, and I hope that when I read this in the far future, it sits with me well. Cheers!


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