shall we?

We shall not. No, I should not discuss the results of my meager attempt at NanoWriMo. It was sad, and I was lame. I spent more time felting and knitting than drawing up characters, imagining a plot and portraying thought. OH WELL. There is always next year, right? Let’s focus on the positive, rather. There is one more month left in 2012, and I shall set some mini goals:

1. blog 6 Decembers posts (this counts as one- BOOM)

2. see December 2012 films & any missed films from the year in order to produce an adequate top 10 listing

3. prepare & organize felt shop for launch in Q1 2013

4. make plans for New Years Eve (or at least really try to)

Lastly, I just want to mention that yesterday was my Cairn Terrier (Wallace) birthday! He turned 3 and is as precious as ever. Here is a picture of my little buddy: wallace


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