milk expiration

“11 09 2012” is ink-stamped on my half-gallon jug of milk, which is today. I started to ponder what it would feel like for cows to be milked by a machine and how, if they could be notified of such, they would feel knowing that humans pour this stuff down the drain the very next day. Of course, I had to then verify that everyone got rid their milky goodness the day after the established expiration.

Here is what Yahoo had to say:

How long after milk’s expiration date is the milk still consumable?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

I have experience in this field. The milk could last over two weeks after. As long as you keep it at the coldest part of your fridge. That doesn’t mean having it as a drink for dinner or whatever and leaving it on the counter for an hour.If you get chunks is way to far gone. The smell and taste will give you a clew. However you can make your own sour cream out of left over milk. The milk will turn sour before you have chunks anyway. You’ll know.
So, I was way off or at least in the minority. There are a few questions I’d like to raise, however. Like, where is the coldest part of your fridge? And how did this response receive the most likes seeing as how it’s got at least a dozen grammatical errors?
Anyhow, I guess the bottom line to deciding when to rid milk is by using your sense of smell. If it smells raunchy, throw it away or make sour cream.
  1. brit said:

    never trust someone who spells it “clew!”

    (also, once my mom came over and helped herself to a bowl of cereal and unknowingly drank our milk that was a good 10 days past due. she is alive and well so I guess no harm no foul.)

    • louise said:

      Seriously, Brittney. Blew’s Clew. You’re mom is not the average human, though. She is a super lady with super powers, so I am not sure if she serves as a good example. 🙂 Miss you!

  2. Haha! Clew? I have experience in this field.
    Btw, coldest part is supposed to be bottom and back of the fridge. The closer it is to door (or if you have one of those nice fridges where you can keep it in the door), the more chances it has to spoil when opening and closing, as often as one might. Something like that… can we say too much tv/cooking shows?

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